Commercial plumbing stages

New projects can seem a little overwhelming with all the decisions that need to be made, When we work together, we’ll guide you through every step .

Pre-project review

We’ll meet at the site of your project to gather your project requirements: What is your budget? What are your “must haves”? What would you love to have if you can afford it? Are there specific requirements like accommodating for handicapped? What plumbing do we need to tie into? Once we’ve gathered the details, we’ll work to craft a plan suited to your needs.

Showroom visit

Sometimes it helps to see sinks, faucets and bathtubs up close to compare finishes, models and sizes. We’ll be happy to arrange a visit to our distributor’s showroom so you are more educated about the fixtures you select and in many instances, can see what they will look like installed.

Proposal of work

Once we’ve identified your needs, we’ll develop a proposal of work which will include the plumbing fixtures you requested, or the most durable fixtures we recommend based on your budget. The cost we quote is competitive and reliable, so there are no surprises once the work has been completed. And we’ll have the projected completed on time to ensure the next contractor can start as planned.

Plumbing installation

Most homeowners may not be aware, that how your plumbing is laid-out and installed is important. If the plan is not well thought out and coordinated, you may end up paying for more material than is needed, or the plumbing may interfere with the electrician or heating / AC contractors plans. Our plans are professionally designed to maximize efficiency using only the materials necessary, and are coordinated in advance with your other contractors so everyone is on the same page.

Post-installation warranty

After your plumbing is complete and your fixtures are installed and operating properly, we warranty our work for a year. For example, in the rare occasion where an ignitor on a hot water heater is faulty, we’ll see to it that it gets replaced and operating properly.

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